Thursday, October 16, 2014

Queenstown Gray - Fifty-Cent Nightstand Makeover

When it has come to furnishing our house, our bedroom has been last on our list of rooms. We didn't have anything but our 2 dressers and mattress when we started our bedroom, however I found a random side table in the attic and brought it down to the bedroom the first day we moved. I got to be the one to use it while my patient hubby, Karl, has been using a tv table for his bedside table ever since.

It was a lovely piece. Ahem.

Then a little over a month ago I went to an estate auction and came away with a 50-cent solid wood bedside table. From the beginning I had plans to paint it, so recently during a random day off I got to work on it and start its transformation.

Here's the before:

I went again with milk paint, this time it was General Finishes in Queenstown Gray, a lovely blue-gray color which ended up perfectly matching our West Elm knockoff tufted headboard.

One thing I've been finding and liking about painting furniture is that you get to discover what works for the piece as you go. I had originally thought I'd paint the entire nightstand, but as I was painting the bottom half I was starting to think it looked pretty good leaving the top untouched. Calling Karl over, he verified that he liked it with the exposed wood top too, so we went with it.

The drawer pull fixture also needed updating (and to become a bit manlier), so earlier I'd hunted around Lowe's and Home Depot but couldn't find anything close to what I had in mind. In-between paint coats I did a search online and found exactly what I'd been looking for on Knobs-4-Less. Even better, it was on sale AND had free shipping with no minimum purchase amount required. Woot!

So all I paid for was the knob itself, which came to a whopping $2.30. It also shipped really fast, arriving the day after I ordered it (I definitely will be turning to them again for future projects!).

I'd completed the 2 coats of paint the day before the fixture arrived, so all I had to do when it came was screw it on and voila! Nightstand for hubby!

Here's the final cost breakdown:
- nightstand: $0.50
- fixture: $2.30
- paint used: $2

Total = $4.80!

A bedside table and makeover all for under $5! Not a bad deal. Now Karl has a sturdy table (with a drawer to boot!) that he can call his own.

(P.S. - That's 2 tv tables we've replaced in the past 2 weeks for a mere $18 total! We're on a roll!)

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Treasure Hunting - $12 Side Table

You've gotta love it when you decide on a whim to go check out Goodwill and find something that you've been looking for.  You walk in, your eyes land on it and it's love at first sight...and then you find yourself hugging it fiercely like a lion protects its kill when you discover the phenomenal price!

As luck would have it, I found such an item in such a way and yes, I did hug it.

This side table had me at hello. The bronze fixture, the style...and the $12 price tag was singing my tune.

We've been using a TV table for our living room side table since we'd moved 2 years ago, so the table was set up in a jiffy!

Looks so good! I thought for a bit about painting it, but for now I'm rather digging the scratched and worn wood and have decided to keep it as such for the time being.

Any good treasure hunts you've had recently?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Driftwood Gray Side Table

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I would be painting a side table for my mom.  Now that I've had a small break between film shoots, it's finally done!

The color is Driftwood by General Finish's milk paint line.  It's a nice versatile mid-tone gray that comes more from the blue family rather than brown-grays.

This is my first time trying out General Finishes milk paint, and I'm really enjoying it. You can paint straight out of the can just as you would oil-based or latex paints, so getting to skip the mixing and measuring of the paint that had to happen for Miss Mustard Seed's is a huge benefit for me. However, I've also noticed after trying several colors now of GF that unless you are using an antiquing wax as a finish versus hemp seed oil, the color will remain the same as it was out of the can; quite different from the transformation and amount of play you have with MMS.

GF dried as fast as MMS (about 30-60 minutes between coats), the furniture still didn't require prep work, takes the standard 2 coats for full coverage, and was just as great with hiding paintbrush strokes.

I'm finding that if you like an exact color offered by General Finishes milk paint, then go for it.  If you want a bit more freedom to modify the colors, go with MMS. Or if you want to take baby steps using milk paint or painting furniture altogether, GF is the way to go.

Overall I think having these two brands as choices is the best of both worlds and I'll likely be continuing to use each of them.

Any of you have specific preferences?  Do you prefer to play with colors more, or get down to business?

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Monday, October 6, 2014

New Month, New Updates

Hey all!  Change is stirring! Along with the refreshingly cool autumnal air that this time of year brings, Draven Made has been getting a much needed breath of fresh air as well. If you haven't checked out the blog site in awhile, I suppose you can see that bits of it have been modified.  I've been slowly doing a lot of revamping to this site the past month, especially last week (thus the lack of a post).  More changes to come that will (hopefully!) make the blog fun and easier to navigate.

What do y'all think of the new look so far? Liking the changes? Finding new things?  Absolutely hate it?

I'll be resuming regular posts starting tomorrow (Tues), which I'm excited about as I have some furniture makeovers from this project and this swell find I've been working on to share!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Awesomeness - #2

If there is one season that inspires me the most year-round with my decorating and color choices, it would be Autumn.  It makes me think of curling up with a good book in the evening, rich and vibrant earthy colors, reading nooks, cozy living rooms, and soups and baked sweets.  So naturally all these things have been resurfacing in my pinterest this month.

via create find admire

via Crate & Barrel
via looks like white
via ksarahdesigns
via homeadore

GF Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake - get recipe here
get the GF recipe here (also can be used for chicken broth stock)

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Back from Breakk

No, that's not a miss-spelling in the title.  In fact, it's the name of an upcoming App I've been filming a commercial for these last two weeks, hence the lack of updates on here.  Now that it's a wrap, it's time I shared a little!

The crew was small, consisting of only the Director and myself as Producer. Right from the get-go, this was a project that we had to hit the ground running.  We had/have one month to do everything.

One month to hire actors, secure locations, get props/costumes, become insured, film the stories, and edit.  To give ya'll an idea of the normal time frame, one month is usually just enough for pre-production on a project of this size, let alone more time for filming and post.

Therefore, in order to have at least 2 weeks for editing, we needed to get everything/everyone lined up almost simultaneously while shooting the film during the first 2 weeks.  This made for diving straight into the project in high gear.

I loved it.

As I started contacting people, the response was nothing short of wonderful - folks were stepping up to fill the characters roles and/or offering locations/props for this project, and thus pre-pro and filming days were made easier, if not a lot of fun because of it. To quote the little green alien dudes from Toy Story, "You have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful".

I am unable to disclose the stories we filmed yet, but here's some sneak peeks from behind the scenes!  (I will update y'all on where you can watch the finished commercial sometime next month!)

the site of fierce competition
the "vacay"gals with their "creepy" mowing neighbor
the gals acted like it was a muggy hot day when in reality it was a chilly autumn day, with ice cold pool water included - kudos to them!
the road we filmed the girls driving to the lake
the getaway vehicle for the gals - awesome, right?!
lake destination achieved
Horse-head boy and our retro Disco DJ
ze Director
the "modern day" DJ
pizza delivery!
our basement got flipped into a raging dance club scene
It was all pure movie magic going on in this project for things to have run with so few hiccups as it did, especially when done at breakneck speed.  Major thank you's to everyone who took part in making this commercial come alive!

Can't wait to see the finished piece!

P.S. - in case any of you think that everything in show-biz is glamorous, lol

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dining Room Design - Progress

Some good things have been happening in the dining room since [this post] was made nearly a year ago!  Do you all remember this mood board?

The mood board for the dining room was based off of the colors found in a peacock feather, along with raw woods and some 'bling' brought in using gold and brass tones.  

The first thing we did to start the room's makeover last Fall was to paint the dining room from the original lavender color to a gray.  You can learn more about that process and the paint color chosen here.

Next we tackled the exposed wood bookcase you can see in the mood board, but without paying the Restoration Hardware price for one.  Using a standard Vittsjo metal bookcase from Ikea, we made a RH knockoff bookcase for the room that came under $100. [find out more about that here

With a stroke of luck I scored a set of mirrors this past Spring at an estate sale for $15 and arranged them on the wall [here is a guide for how I used paper bags to help me arrange them on the wall].  I hope to add more in the future, but it's nice to have something on the walls for now.

Most recently we were able to give away the piano that came with the house to some good friends who will use it, and I was able to move the buffet table that I bought at another estate sale (gotta love them!) in the piano's place and gave it a makeover with MMS's milk paint. [learn milk paint's benefits and how to paint with it here]

Overall, from the paint supplies to the furniture, we've spent only $250 to get the room this far!  Not bad if I do say so myself.

Here's the present to-do list and what we still have waiting to be accomplished:

Dining Room To-Do List:

- replace dining room table (it came with the house and isn't our style)
- remove piano
"Restoration Hardware-ify" bookcase
- find chairs (the ones we're currently using are borrowed)
- reupholster or replace head-chairs 
- curtains
- get buffet table
- accessorize
- framed art

My next goal is the dining room table and chairs, so I'm on the lookout!
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