Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I'm Digging: Kpop Edition

There's been some good singles released this week in Kpop town, so I couldn't resist doing a special edition of "What I'm Digging" dedicated to two videos/songs to check out!

Wonder Girls "Like This"

This has "win" all through it, and makes me feel like it's summer and time for dancing in the streets!  Can't help but get up and dance when it plays!  ^_^ The video is just as playful and energetic as the song.  I have lost count to how many times I've replayed it ("like this, yo, like this...!").  Now to just learn the dance...

Music: It's definitely a different style than their usual retro 50's vibe pop songs, but I really like this flip of style coming from them.  They pulled it off well!

Dance: It's super fun and uncomplicated looking, something that you can just pick up on the spot and join in, which is part of the point of the video.  It's a Wonder Paaar-tay.

Wardrobe: I'm liking all of their outfits - has a fun 80's vibe to them.  I especially like these two outfits:

Overall rating on the awesome scale, it's an "Oh Yeah":

Big Bang "Monster"

Allow my fangirl breakdown of the video:

Music: When they came out with each of the guys' preview trailer in the week before the MV came out, I wasn't completely onboard with the soundtrack I was hearing (I don't hear the song until the MV comes out), but the visuals had me curious.  However, I must say that since its full release, this song has been stuck in my head (even Karl is digging it!).

Wardrobe: The boys are back in town, and besides the Mickey-mouse ears hairstyle and crescent moon bling hanging off of Taeyang....
 Mickey Mouse on steroids

...and GD's mushroom blind-boy look
"hey guys...guys?"

....the outfits for the guys are creative and fun to see.  I like that they gave 2 "looks" for each of the them, which made up for the costume/hair fails of some.  I'm not usually a sucker for TOP, but man that hat he was wearing was working for him.
It's a "TOP-hat"...

Daesung is shirtless again. Yeup.
Now that I think about it....he looks like He-man...

Oh yeah, and Seungri acting like he "don't care".
Cool guys don't look at explosions.

Set Design: It looks like a post-apocalyptic top-secret science lab/warehouse that's under attack.  If that's what they were going for, then kudos.

Cons: My only critique of the MV is the glowing eyes in the dark were a bit cheesy.  I liked it better when they just gave a slight edge to their eyes instead, and wish they'd just kept it at that.

Overall Rating on the awesome scale, it's another "Oh Yeah": 

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