Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Starting Over Again: Job Loss & Gain

A LOT has happened since this post back in March, so I believe it is high time I jot down what's been happening for Karl and I.

Change happens: At the end of April, Karl's place of work no longer had the budget to keep him on, so he and our primary income were gone.  We'd had forewarning of this and Karl was seeking a place of employment since this past Fall, but time ran out.

On to new cheese: Karl has always dreamed of running his own computer repair business.  Two years ago he officially started his business, and he has been working evenings and weekends building a customer base since then.  However, it is hard to build a business when also working a fulltime job, so the going was slow.  A few weeks before being job-free, we sat and talked about what we were going to do now that we had no future dependable income, and Karl and I both agreed this was a good opportunity to take his business and run with it.

photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Armed with a calculator, we wrote on a paper how many customers we'd need each week to pay just the bills, and in another column how many customers we'd need per week to have the income we'd had before.  We also added that we'd meet again at the end of August to review how the business was doing at that point.  We've had this paper hanging on the wall of our office since then to remind us of what we're striving for.

It's now nearing the end of July, and Karl's business has picked up, but it's not yet where we need it to be to pay the bills.  Thankfully, Karl has been able to also work part time doing electrical work for my Dad's business, and that has been a good source of income.

Finding the trail for new cheese: Starting yesterday, Karl is back working part-time through this October, (possibly even December) at his previous employer (their new fiscal year's budget got increased).  This is the perfect arrangement, for this way we can have a steady side income for a bit, and yet have the time for Karl to still grow his business.  We're very thankful for this development!

Still have some road to travel, but this extra boost will help us along the way.  :)

p.s. - If you're wondering about the dead car from the March post, it took about 2 months, but we did get Karl's car fixed.  Apparently the whole lower engine block needed replacing, as well as a new timing chain.  The repair was less than a car, so we're glad to have it running once again. (that car had better run like awesome-sauce for the next 3 years though!)  ^_-

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