Friday, July 6, 2012

What I'm Digging

Banana Pasta???
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You heard me.  BANANA pasta.  Weird, huh?  But apparently in a taste test with both people who have Celiacs and those who don't, both groups came back reporting they preferred the banana pasta to the grain pasta.  I'm curious enough to wanna try it.

Tin Tin
The trailer I first saw for this movie showed Tin Tin moving in a dark room, walking towards a model ship.  That animation was so realistic that until they showed Tin Tin's face in the light, I could believe I was watching a live-action film.  I was impressed.

Then I watched the rest of the trailer, and I felt a bit let down, seeing it wasn't all as realistic looking as the first few seconds had been.  I've never read Tin Tin or seen the cartoon, so I didn't really have a former interest in the story or character.  I put it on my list of movies that could be cool to see if on Redbox.  It's taken me until now to see it, (though it was at a free outdoor screening - see below) and I'm so glad I did, as I was thoroughly entertained.

It reminded Karl and I a lot of Indiana Jones - the humor laden action and adventure with smart and likable characters that grow on you until you're rooting for them.  It had Spielberg's style written all over it, and we loved that.  I was also happy to see an animated film that didn't shy from Tin Tin wielding a gun, people being shot or hurt, etc. - it made me think of the Young Indiana series, but animated.  Refreshing.  I hope they make another one.

The Artist

I finally got to see it (yay for Redbox free code!), and I really enjoyed it.  For those who haven't heard of it, it's a silent black and white movie...that was filmed in 2011.  Intriguing, right?  The film really hearkened to the silent pictures feel.  There really is an art to telling a story without dialogue, and the filmmakers did such a remarkable job.  Loved the truly 20's-30's "look" they cast for the actors, and the set design lent so much to the story.  The dog was a fun little character all his own.  Highly recommend this movie!

Free Dates!

There's always ways to have fun for free (which we need right now), and we really were blessed in that area last month.

Baseball Game

Karl's mom got free tickets to a baseball game, so she took us and my sis-in-law and her hubby all out for it.  I haven't been to many baseball games (I'm not a fan of sports in general - prob because I grew up in a sport-crazy family), but this was one really fun.  They had lots of entertaining things go on in between innings.  For example, see the video I took below:


Through a friend's gracious offer who works at the airport where it's held, we were able to enjoy a day at this annual event.  It's quite amazing to watch B17's taking off and flying overhead, and try to imagine what it was like to see even a hundred of them filling the sky (and how loud it must have been!).  I also met Robin from Thrifty Vintage Chic there, which was very neat.  She was taking pictures for her blog of different hats for sale in a vintage clothing shop on the premises when I saw her and introduced myself.  She was very sweet, and I couldn't help but admire the whole time how well she wears the 40's hairdo and clothing - it's like she really was meant for that era!

Outdoor Movie Screening - they even gave us food!

Using a giant portable airblown screen, a nearby retirement village hosted an outdoor movie screening of Tin Tin (see review above).  When we drove up, the seniors running the event offered us free bottled water and twizzlers - we were so surprised at their generosity and thanked them. (Karl thanked them doubly, as he got to eat my twizzlers).  We'd also brought along some meatballs and popcorn, so we had a feast as we sat and watched Tin Tin (no need to sneak in snacks is always a plus).  Another cool thing was there was lightning in the distance the whole time, and it sometimes added to the atmosphere of the movie.  Very fun night.

Side note: I was googling what those screens were even called, and inadvertently found that you can actually get a 12 ft one for under $250 on amazon.  Pretty nifty!  Karl and I will just have to keep using a white sheet hung on the clothesline for now.  ;)

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