Friday, September 21, 2012

Big Announcement!

We've been sitting on this news for a few days, making confirmations and then letting family know before officially announcing it on the interwebs, so here goes!

No, we're not having a kiddo.

No, we didn't win the lottery.



Box waiting to be filled with junk ftw!

Awesome-er still, it's not another apartment, but a house we'll be renting!  By golly, but we are beside ourselves with excitement (even Karl has been seen jumping up and down at the news).  Our first time ever in our own place.  Get ready future neighbors: we may crank our music and yell quite a bit just because we can the first few weeks.  ;)

Such an answer to prayer.  We've been looking to buy a home for nearly three years, but no house or land has fit both what we need and our budget.  Then this past year health conditions in the apartment are so bad with the mold that Karl has had an ongoing cough for months and I've been wheezing, so that was our cue that we needed to get out asap!   We're so grateful that we can now continue our house-search in not only more healthy conditions, but a place of our own.

Officially, the move-in day is Oct 6th!  Friends/family: If you're free and willing, we'd love to have your help! (we'll provide food and back braces afterwards!).  If you can't make it for the move-in day, we'll be having a party once we're settled in to celebrate our new place, as well as both our birthdays.  (we figured we'd get it all out of the way in one go, heh).

Cheers for change!

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