Monday, October 15, 2012

Clearing Out the Wreckage - a.k.a. Unpacking from Moving

I think I'll just let the pix do the talking with progress we've made, and save wordy details for another post.  :)

Moving Day!!!! :
Old apt in upheaval.  but who cares!  we're outta here, baby!
No moving van, just family trucks (next time I'm sure we'll need a van)
the awesome Dadio
new kitchen!  my wonderful mom warmed up the frozen meatballs (I'd forgotten to thaw them) just in time for people to eat
we haz laundry room!!!!!!!!!  oh the joy and rapture!!!
looks like we won't be eating dinner on this anytime soon...
(heh, got ya ma)  this is looking into the dining room from the living room
as long as we have a place to sleep, we're done unpacking, right? (we'll just burn the rest)
bedroom - down the hall is the bathroom and office
ok, i take that back.  once we have a place to sleep and a place to do computer stuff, we're done unpacking
a real office.  we must be growing up or something crazy like that.
the only sane looking place in the whole house at the moment
like mature plan-ahead adults, we realized the day after we moved that we had no shower curtain (our old shower was just a stand-up shower with a flimsy door).  so we improvised and used this big towel until we could go out and get a curtain later that day.  the towel worked about as well as you'd expect... reminded us of the showers in Ireland with their half glass walls:
Ireland's showers - still don't understand them...
I've been mostly taking pix of the progress in the living room, so here's a series of pix from the past week:
moving day
few days later
presently what the living room looks like.  couches are in our future.  maybe.  those lawn chairs are pretty comfy and you can't beat the price.  i guess we can offer pillows to friends who come over.  we're thoughtful like that.

and those boxes are just waiting until we have room in our trash again, and then they can go bye-bye

 More to come, including design ideas I've been tossing around that I'd love feedback on.  Get ready!  :-D

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