Thursday, November 8, 2012

Design Dilemma - Dining Room

Lavender.  Lavender, lavender, lavender....

How do you decorate around lavender colored walls...?

This was my dilemma when I was mulling over how to decorate the dining room in our new place (already one month since we moved!).  We rent, so it's not as easy to paint the walls a different color.  However, I wanted to test my creativity, and this color definitely challenged it.   Here's a pic of the wall color:

Buuut....I got a lucky break when I found a bolt of fabric at my workplace that inspired me with a color scheme I could use in the dining room, and the ideas ran forth from there.  Fabric here:

See the lavender with the moss green, mustard yellow, etc?  Looove those colors already on their own
(p.s. - I'll be making a table runner from this fabric)
There's also some gray in the room from the upholstered dining chairs that came with the place that I've decided to run with (I love gray, and it would tie-in the grays from the adjoining living room).

I've also concluded I did not want to make the dining room too stuffy/formal, so no heavy drapes or oriental rugs or such.  So, I went on a pinterest journey and found some examples of the "relaxed sophistication" I'm going for:

I especially love this last dining room.  The rustic table, grays, the hanging pendant light, simple but interesting wall hangings... I look at this pic and my eyes glaze over a bit.

Alrighty.  So put that all together, and what do we get?  This mood board:

1) Painting: I'm on a tree kick and I like the colors. 2) Plants centerpiece: Greenery - natural.  Maybe have it be a selection of herbs?  3) Curtains: I went back and forth for awhile about what color to get, let alone if they should have a design on them.  In the end I decided to keep them classic and in a thin white material to let in light and keep the room brighter, as the wall color keeps it dark enough in there.  4) Head Chairs: I wanted two head chairs to round out this table.  I decided I liked the gray striped chair better in this room rather than the living room.  The vertical stripes would really draw your eye from the front door as you come in.  I'll have to find another accent chair now for the living room, but that's ok.  :)  5) Apothecary Jar: Need I explain myself for why I like it?  :-P  6) Sideboard/Buffet: I'm not sure where I found this green guy - I think I was just doing a google image search.  I really like the weathered look, and the moss green color is perfecto.
7) Rug: I wanted a gray rug to "ground" (hah) the room, and I like that there's a bit of white in this one.  The pattern is nice as well - not too busy.

I've already gotten the curtain material for the dining room.  I really love the stripe detailing, and the material lets in lots of light.

One day I'll be a real curtain!  Or so she tells me...

I still have to transform the material into curtains, but...ready for this?  The material cost me...... $6.  That includes both panels.  Boo.  Yah.

In the first pic of this blog post you also saw the patiently-awaiting-to-be-'one'-with-the-wall curtain rod I got for $7.99 (Christmas Tree Shop).  Poor curtain rod and his current plight...

Total dining room window treatment = $14.

I will post as progress is made!  ^_^  Also, living room update: we've literally been to a dozen furniture stores now.  Still no sofa.  Good news though - we have found a couch we like as of this past weekend (yay!).  However, we decided to wait an extra week in hopes that there will be a sale for Veteran's Day this coming weekend.  Here's hoping.

Next up for mood boarding - bathroom!  (and I've gotten a head-start with the bathroom - remember I mentioned I'm on a tree kick?  well, here's where it all started...).  Still have the bedroom, office, kitchen, laundry room....I'm presently trying to figure out the bedroom.  I'm thinking blues or greens...something that is soothing.  I need to do some pinterest searching again...any suggestions for the bedroom??

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