Sunday, March 31, 2013

Treasure Hunting - March

I thought it'd be fun to do a monthly post to highlight neat finds and improvements we've made to our abode. There's been quite a bit going on around here these last few weeks to make this place more homey.  To start, we got this temporary small area rug that was collecting dust in my folks' basement to use until we find a permanent (and bigger) one.  It definitely has helped make the living room feel more "finished" and like a real gathering area.

Next up is an atlas (for $15) we found at a second-hand furniture warehouse.  It's an original from 1942, and has maps of every country (except for those that did not exist at the time, such as Israel, or those that no longer exist, like the U.S.S.R.).  Pretty neat time capsule.

We have it sitting on our fireplace mantle for now.  I am somewhat hesitant to alter books, so I am going back-and-forth about doing a project of removing the countries of our heritage, Germany for Karl and Ireland for myself, and framing them to hang over our bed or something.  I'm leaning towards going for it.  Time will tell.

As you also saw in the atlas picture, we got these two ivy balls for the mantle as well ($7.99 ea).

Wind chimes! ($12)  I have always loved the hauntingly beautiful sound they make, and how you can gauge how much the wind is blowing by listening to them.  They lend some nice eye candy for our otherwise plain porch as we wait for warmer flower-weather to decorate it.

All of the walls in our kitchen have been blank, and this month we finally got some art!  First is this cafe canvas painting ($30).  It has inspired and has me running with 'cafe' theme ideas for the rest of the kitchen.  :-D  More to come with that, heh.

We got this metal coffee art ($10.60) from the same place as the atlas.

Yay for no more blank walls in the kitchen!

April Goals: I'd like to concentrate a bit on decorating the dining room, as it's as blank as the kitchen was, and get at least one piece of needed furniture.

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