Saturday, March 23, 2013

Zesty Lemon Sorbet (GF/DF)

It's springtime!  ...right?  Right.  I'm not convinced either.  There was a snow squaw this morning as though winter wanted to spite spring.

To spite winter weather right back, I decided to make sorbet.

I first learned about "sorbet" a few years ago when we were on a Carnival cruise with my sister-in-law and her hubby (by the way, they were fantastic with catering towards celiacs+my multiple other food allergies, which really makes me love cruising all the more!).  They served it to me for dessert one night, and I admit I eyed it suspiciously, wondering if there was dairy in it.  With a strong accent, the waiter told me it was "sorbet" (pronounced 'sore-bet').  I wasn't sure if he meant "sherbert" and asked.  He kindly went on to explain it was made with only fruit, sugar, and water.  After he left, I tried it and was instantly in love. (and since then, have learned the difference between sorbet and sherbert!)

Like most recipes I've kept putting off trying because it seemed it'd be difficult, sorbet turned out to be very easy to make.

You'll Need:
- 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (approx 2 lemons)
- 2-3 tbsp lemon zest (fyi, I used a cheese grater, heh.  Here is a video that explains how to zest a lemon)
- 1 cup brown sugar
- 1/2 cup water
- 1/2 cup carbonated water (or just more water if you haven't any, but the carbonated adds an extra zest)

*makes approx 2 servings

To Start:

- grate one of the lemons for zest.
- squeeze the juice from both lemons.
- in a skillet, stir together the water, sugar, and lemon zest and bring to a boil.
- once it starts boiling for about 30 seconds, bring it down to a simmer for 5 minutes while slowly stirring.
- take skillet off the heat and let the liquid cool down to room temperature.
- add the lemon juice.
- at this point, if you have an ice cream machine, follow according to its directions.  If not, put the liquid in an upright metal container (such as a thermos), or a big ziploc freezer bag.
- place container/bag into freezer for 4-6 hours or overnight.  If you're able to, give it a good shake, stir, or mash the contents every 2 hours to make the consistency even more light.

That's it!

Bonus: This is a great and tasty way to get a straight-up serving of fruit (and lots of vitamin C) into your diet.  If you want to make it even more kid-friendly (and sneak some fruit to a picky eater), make popsicles with this recipe!


* Thanks simplysugarandglutenfree, vegetarianmama, and wholeintentions for the feature!

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  1. Ha, I am not convinced its spring either! Though my weather man is predicting up to 70 degrees next week, so we shall see! This looks amazingly refreshing! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    The party will be GREAT this week! We are giving away a tote full of goodies from Namaste Foods! The items are gluten free and allergy friendly! Can't wait to see what you bring to the party!

    Cindy from


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