Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blue! No Gray! No....Aahhhhh! - Dining Room Color Choices (Pt 2)

If you didn't get the reference being made in this entry's title, here ya go.  You're welcome.

Continuing on from this first post when we started this project, we had two colors we chose and painted on the dining wall.  The winners were Admirality, and the lighter color on its swatch, named Blue Zephr.

Buuuut......neither of them work.  The landlords don't want it to be too dark a color (Admirality) so it's not hard to paint over it again in the future.  The lighter color (Zephr) is a nice color, but it's not quite what I was picturing - it's too much of a gray-blue.  

Back to lowe's, this time to look at brighter blues, and again at grays.

Now it's down to Mountain Lake, and Volcanic Ash.

More pictures:

Gray w/ only one coat
This blue is definitely blue.  I rather like it.  It goes with the picture I was inspired by in the last post.

As for the Gray/Volcanic Ash - it's a color that could be nice.  Safe, but nice.  Here's another pic to help ya picture what I'm trying to do if we go the gray route (wall color-wise):

I still wouldn't be opposed to having gray, but I would prefer not to go 'safe'.  After living with plain white walls for upteen years (since college, really), I'm feeling adventurous.

This'll come down to the landlords....hopefully we'll have a verdict soon!

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