Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bottom Dollar Haul

Please tell me you have a Bottom Dollar near you.  It will change.  your.  grocery. bill.

I've been a loyal customer of BD since my sis-in-law and fellow penny-stretcher, Chelsea, took me shopping with her at it last fall.  It didn't take long to see the benefits:  $0.78 for a carton of a dozen large eggs.  Boxes of pasta for $0.89.  Bananas at $.44/lb.  See what I mean?

I find myself amazed every time I walk out of BD, and this past trip was no exception.  They are not a "damaged goods" or "expired" grocery store; everything is fresh.  From what I've seen at the store, I believe some of the savings are able to be passed to the customer from not having lots of the veggies and fruits pre-packaged, and they have a lot of store-brand or non-brand items (they have name-brands as well tho).  Another is they don't provide plastic bags at checkout.  Instead you can bring your own cloth bag, or use their cardboard boxes in the front that are leftovers from their shipments.

To get the "member discounts", all you have to do is fill-out a small slip with your name and email, and that's it! (a.k.a. FREE)  You'll get lil cards for your keychain and wallet (keychain ftw), and off you go!

I've got a few hauls to show how consistent the savings are.

Today's haul was this:

- 3 powerades (1-quart each)
- green pepper
- 1 lb.strawberries
- bunch of green onions
- 16 oz. Ragu alfredo sauce
- 24 oz. herbed tomato sauce
- 2 dozen large eggs
- roll of paper towels
- pack of chicken hotdogs
- pack of hotdog rolls (apparently i forgot to put the rolls in the pic)
- veggie 'garden' pasta

Total amount due: $12.54

Here's my proof for any naysayers.  ;)

The only coupons tendered in this haul were the member discounts.  Not bad, eh?  Imagine if you had manufacturer coupons in addition...

Here's the pic and list of items from another haul:

- box of garden rotini pasta
- 16 oz. alfredo sauce
- 2 cans of 24 oz. tomato sauce
- 2 lbs of red seedless grapes
- 2.5 lbs of bananas
- 3 lemons
- 2 dozen large eggs
- can of tuna
- bunch of celery
- 3 lbs. rice
- english muffins (6-pk)
- 1 lb. of unsalted butter

This could easily feed a person on a tight budget for a week.  It'd be safe to say a list like this would normally be around $30, right?

The total for these items came to a whopping $15.15.  Holy crap!

As I sort of mentioned, they also accept manufacturer coupons, and even have coupons of their own that print out with your receipt.  However, unlike a lot of grocery store receipt coupons, their coupons are useful.  Instead of them being geared towards certain items you may never get, like a brand of frozen dinners or spaghettios, they have coupons such as, "spend $10 and get a free carton of eggs", or "$2 off of $5 worth of produce", "$3 off of $20 total purchase", etc.  I think this is one of the smartest things I've seen a grocery store do in a looong time.

Hopefully some of you have a Bottom Dollar near ya.  If not, demand it!  Here's their Facebook page.  ;)

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