Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dining Room Color Choices (Pt 1)

Who knew there were so many shades of dark blue?

With temperatures warming enough lately to allow us to open our windows (so wonderful!), Karl and I have realized this is a good time to paint a room we've been hankering to do a makeover for.

Paint where?

Think, purple walls.

A.k.a. our current dining room.

Oooh yeah, baby.

We've been accepting of the lavender-colored walls in our dining room since moving last fall, and initially I was planning to work around it with decorating.  But now that it's spring and we have yet to even hang anything on the walls in the dining room, it's as good a time as any to give the room a makeover more to our style.  So, not wanting to miss our earliest opportunity to take advantage of the warm weather, we recently asked our landlords and have gotten the "ok" to get our paint on!

What our dining room looked like after we moved in
Better example of what the true color is (snapped this today on cel phone)
We wanted a somewhat "regal" color, so dark colors were the ticket.  A dark color contrasted by our already-white baseboards and window frame.  Oh happy days.  At first we were leaning towards grays, like these:

Source: via Draven on Pinterest

But when I got to Lowes, I got drawn to the blues.  Bonus: blue is Karl's favorite color, so I knew it would have an automatic stamp of approval from him.  I picked up a few swatches of both grays and blues.  Then I went for groceries and saw beautiful orange tulips.  It made me picture how well the blue would still go with the accent colors I was originally going to do in the dining room: orange, green, gray, and white.  And I got excited.  I also got the tulips.  Blue it was.

Getting on pinterest again for some examples of what's in my mind's eye:

Source: via Draven on Pinterest

Now to just decide on which dark blue!

Annapolis is like a cobalt bright dark-blue, Admirality is a  middle-ground navy blue, Sailor's Coat is like a dark teal-blue

It's hard to get the colors exactly in these pictures compared to real life, but hopefully you can at least see the small differences in the colors...

I'm leaning towards the Admirality.  What do you all think?


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