Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Getting Organized

April was a dud around here, huh.  One post all month!  I knew life would be busy last month, but dang...  Oh well, it's a new month, time to get back!

I recently got inspired by the awesome Jessi from Vintage Canvas when she did a series on organizing one's life, one of them being your closets.

We had only one closet in our old apartment, so when we moved to our current house where we had a closet in every room and more (and an attic!) had us in closet shock.  However, we hadn't done more than just hang our clothes and wedge some boxes on the shelves when we first moved, and things kind of stayed that way....until now!

The two things I wanted to organize the most were my shoes and purses in our bedroom closet, because as you can see below, they were "organized" into a pile on the floor.

Furthermore, because of the lack of room on the floor, I did not have all of my shoes in one closet.  Instead, I kept some shoes in our coat closet and office closet.  My purses were also not all in the closet, but spread around the house, such as on chairs in the dining room.  Having to juggle between 3 closets when getting dressed in the morning was reminiscent of the juggling we did back at our apartment with our dressers and one closet for all our combined clothes, all located in different areas of the apartment.  Definitely not ideal or what I wanted to continue to do now in a house, lol.

So, something was needed to organize my purses and shoes.  $25 later, may I present to you, our redeemed closet!

Look at that!  ALL my shoes, in ONE place!!!  I can now also see my purses and don't have to worry about them getting dirty.

Subsequently, we now have more room in our coat and office closets, hehe.  I re-organized them a bit as well while in closet-organizing mode (sorry for no before or after pix).

The last thing I've organized were my bobby pins and hair ties in the bathroom closet, using two small glass bowls I got for .79 each.

Muchos better.  It's always neat how doing such small changes can make a huge difference.

Anyone else been in a spring cleaning/organizing mode?


  1. Hey- Just saw your comment on my closet post and hopped over to see yours!! Love it! There's something about an organized closet that makes me inspired to put together outfits and keeps me from just leaving my clothes dropped in a pile on the floor before bed. :)

    1. Hi! Thanks again for the inspiration/kick in the butt to do this! :) It definitely helps to have a place to put things!


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