Friday, May 10, 2013

What I'm Digging {May}

A few things have been making me get sparks of creativity to turn my brain cogs this past week.  So naturally, I wanna share!

First, the Go Pro! Footage from these little cameras is always amazing/crazy/beautiful.  Many times you sit there and wonder how they even got some of the shots they do.  I love their videos, and this one is one of the best imo.

I've also stumbled across a music artist that recently came on my pandora radio, named Blackmill.  Wanting to hear more, I dug into youtube, and have been on a chill dubstep (a.k.a. chillstep) mix for several nights now while doing some brainstorming and creative writing.  Seriously, if you think there's no redeeming faction of dubstep, this music will make you reconsider.  It is relaxing and blissful.

A few weeks ago I also discovered "Hurt" from an amv (it's weird how I find many artists this way).  I dig the dramatic tone of his music.

Finally, my friends/colleagues are inspiring me.  Daniel Speers (Dir), Mark Sullivan (lead Actor), and Matt Joffe (DP) all worked on Guests of a Nation, and this is their newest collaboration.  They just wrapped the shoot this past weekend, and the stills (unedited, may I add) I've seen from it are gorgeous.

Go and support the film at their Facebook page here!

Still on the friends providing inspiration: a good friend of mine surprised me with GF lemon cupcakes last night that were delicious.  She claimed she owed me cupcakes b/c of me finding Lincoln in the painting within the dome of the National Archives, something of which I'd completely written off as a joking matter and forgotten about 2 minutes later.  Apparently she didn't, which is so endearing of her.  She even enlisted Karl's help so that she was sure they were ok for me to eat while secretly getting the ingredients for them.  They're both too good to me, more than I deserve.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. You may also like Andrew Bayer's music.

    1. not bad - been listening to a few tracks now. thanks for the tip!


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