Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Curtain Progress

It's been awhile since I've done an update about what we've been up to for making this house a home.  Lots has been happening that I'll be highlighting in another post, but for now, see our headway on something that is as exciting as it gets!  Curtains!

Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

But it is a nice change from seeing bland walls.

As you may remember, we're furnishing and decorating our first home on a $5,000 budget.  So far we've been doing very well with staying on course.   One way has been to sew my own curtains.  I made curtains for the dining room a few months ago that came out pretty well (if I do say so myself).  Since then I've also sewn curtains for the office, bathroom, and will be doing our bedroom soon.  I was planning to do the same for our living room, but one day I was at Home Goods and...I couldn't resist.

Home Goods had a curtain section with an assortment of very nice quality materials that came in packs of 2-panels for $20-30.  Seeing they were that great of a price, I dug in!

You can see in the pic above the two different materials that caught my eye: one of a grayish-brown for $25 (burlap-ee), another that was a wheat color and had been returned, therefore only $12 (yellow-ee).  I bought both to try each in the room.

I hung one panel from each pack on the window (yellow-ee on left, burlap-ee on right).  It took me less than 10 seconds to confirm to myself the clear winner.

But first, here's a "before" of the living room with no curtains (this pic is also pre-rug - I was excited to hang the curtains and forgot to take the pix right before - sorry!) :

Now with!

Burlap it is!

Love. It.  I still am amazed at how easily something like curtains can transform a room.

Next up was the office, where I'd settled on getting something with stripes.  I went to a fabric outlet and scored a yard of a navy & white striped material for $2!  Here's the before pic: (Warning for neat freaks: avert thine eyes from Karl's pile of stuff on his desk)

A little over an hour later I'd sewn these bad boys and hung them up.

Note to self: Get bigger corkboard.  It's not working.

Geek moment: As I was putting these curtains up, they reminded me of the character Urahara from Bleach.  Methinks I shall now be referring to this room as the "Urahara".


While at the fabric outlet I also got 5 yards of a nice blue material for making curtains for the 2 windows in the bedroom (total of $13!).  We'll see if I will feel productive enough to do them this weekend.

Altogether, the cost of curtains for these three rooms has been:

Office:               2.00
Bedroom:        13.00
Living Room:  25.00

Grand Total: $40.00

Getting to have curtains for 3 rooms (or you can also spin it as curtains for 5 windows) for only $40 is my kind of deal!

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