Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Green Thumbing

Weeding is a drag.  As Sweet Brown says, "Ain't nobody got time for that!".

I've always had a pretty good green thumb with growing flowers from seeds.  Hence, having a vegetable garden was always something I've wanted to try, even more now that it saves on groceries and is truly "organic".  But until now we've lacked the space to plant a garden, and more so, I've not built up enough of a willpower to go through the hassle of shovels, pulling weeds, bugs...

Yeup.  I want the benefits of my own veggies for little sweat.  Call it lazy, call it reality, but I'm taking "know thyself" to heart and taking baby steps in my first attempt at food production.

I decided to start with planters.  I'm all for control, and planters on my porch give me that.  No prep work of tilling the ground, and no danger of weeds or veggie-eating deer either.  My kind of dipping-the-toes-in-the-water gardening.

This summer I chose to grow lettuce, green beans, and parsley.  I now kind of wish I had also tried corn, but I'll just have to add it to my repertoire next spring.


My lettuce grew fast!  It took only 2 days after planting that I saw this:

I don't remember ever seeing something I've grown from seed take any less than a week to appear - color me amazed. 

Here's the lettuce now, approx 2 months later.  All I ever did was water the sprouts each evening.  That's it.  Super easy.  We've been having some tasty salads from this zero-effort batch.

Green Beans

The green beans also shot up relatively fast - just a few days after the lettuce appeared.

A few days further along:


I did move the green beans to the side of the house so that I can eventually tie them to poles, so I will have to do a little work to prep an area and plant them once they're too big for their containers.  But, after the ease of the lettuce, I can stand to do a little work to keep these bean plants growing.  Baby steps...


The parsley has been growing on my kitchen window.  I found out that with herbs, they want lots of sun, and don't like to be too moist.  It's best to mist them every few days, but otherwise leave them be.  So far these guys have been growing with little help as well.

Hoping to have green beans and parsley in another month or less!

Next year I'd like to try corn, strawberries, blueberries, and zucchini.  ...We'll see how ambitious I'm feeling by next spring.

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