Thursday, August 15, 2013

Walnut Creek Patio Chairs - Review

When it comes to decorating our home, we're on no time-table, so we've been using the few things we already had to spruce up the front porch for the time being like this:

(not in picture are the plastic white chairs we've been using):

...and have been waiting on outdoor furniture and potting/planters to go on sale.  Now that it's the end of summer, we stumbled upon an awesome deal.

I was actually looking online at MDF board prices for another project we want to start soon when a pair of resin wicker chairs caught my eye.  Then their price really caught my eye: 75% off!  Sold as a pair, these two chairs were normally $217 for the set, but now the chairs, with tax, were going for $57.51 total! (and free shipping to the store!).

Naturally I was suspicious the price was low because the chairs were not well made and getting low marks from customers.  But looking at the nearly five-star rating and multiple, very happy reviews saying things like,"The dining chairs are an excellent example of getting what you pay for! The quality, appearance, ease of assembly, and other features of these chairs proves to me that paying a little more is worth every penny"....Well, I ran out of excuses.  It was time to pounce.

Even better, I bought them online through Ebates, which gave me an extra 5% cash-back, and then I got 5% cash back from my credit card as well!  (if you haven't heard of Ebates, you're missing out!  If you do any shopping online, you can get cashback at many stores using them - check them out!).  So in total, I spent only $51.76 for these two chairs.  Dang, yo.

When they arrived, I was surprised that the pillows came with them, thinking that only the cushions did - bonus!  Awesome-er still, Home Depot is still selling a 2-pack of the pillows for $25, nearly the same as getting one of these chairs!

The setup truly was easy and painless - I had no trouble doing the assembly, and it took maybe 15 mins to have them both finished.

As you can see, the wicker looks pretty real, but being resin, I won't have to worry about them getting chipped or worn looking.  Best of both worlds.

Last I checked, these chairs are still for sale, although the 'wheat' cushion color is no longer available online.
Edit 8/16: It looks like they're back to normal price.  The chairs were briefly back-ordered when I bought them, so perhaps they got a sudden surge of people buying and decided to re-list them at original price...?  My advice would be to wait a few weeks and see if they go back down in price.  

Gotta love a great find and deal - we've been sitting out on the front porch quite a lot this summer, and these chairs have been a real upgrade for our bums.  I'm also collecting a few other items lately for the porch, so I hope to have an official "reveal" of the completed porch soon!

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