Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dining Room: Upgrading to Nobility (Pt 4)

Yesterday was a full painting day (work 'dem muscles!).  The primer went up in the morning, and the paint color the afternoon.  High fives all-around!

Here's a preview of the color, now dried on the walls:

The color is Sherwin Williams Earl Grey, a "noble" color that shows a great true-grey no matter the lighting.  It was hard to find a grey without brown undertones; if I had to say what it leans towards, it'd be more on the side of blue family, but without being a steel or sea grey.

So far I'm very happy with the color and itching to redo the rest of the room.  I've been playing with several color schemes for the decor and furniture in my mind, and have settled on the furniture's look.  I think I'm leaning towards an emerald green as the focal color.  Hmmm...a mood board is in order.  For now, you can see what I've been pinning up on pinterest!

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