Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Porch Reveal: Stage Uno

Jeepers, Batman, I think we're finally getting somewhere here!

We've spent a lot of this summer sitting on our porch to escape the heat of the house in the evening (we have no A/C. It's how we roll), and we've been waiting for the opportune time to make it even more of an oasis.

Just a month ago, out porch looked like this:

Then we lucked out on a major (and brief) sale for Walnut Creek patio chairs, and have been enjoying them for the past few weeks.

Of course, although these chairs are a huge step-up from our plastics, they also heightened just how empty our porch was.

I'm waiting for a tumbleweed to roll by...
Our hanging flowers had also recently died because of birds making them their nests.

It was fun watching the mama-bird feed these chicks from just outside our window

However, who wouldn't get inspired by these chairs, right?  Around the same time we received our chairs, I sketched some style ideas and wrote down items I could look for.  Then over the last few weeks I've been finding and collecting some of these goodies, thus I'm able to reveal the first stage of mission "fill in the gaps"!

I really like the effect that just a few things have pulled off.

This lantern was found at the Christmas Tree Store on markdown from $45 to $30, plus I had a coupon that subtracted another $5, bringing the total to $25.  I also have a fake flickering candle that has a built-in timer to go on at a certain time of the evening and automatically shut off 4 hours later (which I didn't know they even made such a thing and is therefore the bom-jiggity!).  I love sitting by the lantern in the evening, or seeing its glow as we pull into the driveway at night.  Definitely my favorite feature on the porch.

This planter and the flowers came separately.  The planter was on sale from $50 to $25, and the flowers and soil came to $17.

The two huge hanging ferns were $15 each.  I like not only how they look, but that they are something I can keep inside through the winter and then hang back outside again next spring - more bang for the buck.

For the second stage of the porch plans, I want to get all-year-round plants so I can keep some plants on the porch through the winter, and something for the far wall.  Going back to my budget for the porch, I have $54 to stretch and play with to finish the porch, which is a tough budget.

shows budgeted amount, what was spent, and if item was over/under budget

We'll see if frugalness triumphs - I'm hoping that after labor day I can snag some good buys!

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