Monday, October 14, 2013

Dining Room: Earl Grey Mood Board

Anyone that follows me on pinterest, I apologize for the overabundance of pix that I've been inundating your feed with this past month!

My dining room board on pinterest has been stuffed over the last few weeks with pictures I've been pulling from across the interwebs to help me find concrete means of visually showing the vague ideas that have been twirling around in my mind as of late.  I, unsurprisingly, found a lot of what I was envisioning at one of our favorite stores, Restoration Hardware, where we find ourselves foaming at the mouths on every visit and mentally giving ourselves awards for victoriously coming out of the store empty-handed versus empty wallets.  The challenge here will be to replicate a lot of what we like at RH for a fraction of the cost.

But before we get to that, let's go back a bit:

The following mood board was what I came up with for this post nearly a year ago (!) while trying to neutralize the purple color of the walls:

Lots of greys in that mood board with some moss greens.

However, now that we have grey on the walls, we don't need to imbue the room through the decor with a neutralizing grey.  So, I've been playing with emerald green in my mind for awhile now, and then just this past week it hit me that a peacock feather was the perfect inspiration for bonding and balancing a bold color like green with other colors for the room.

Peacock feathers for inspiration:

Nature is gorgeous. ...And it can be used as a perfect example for creating a color palette.

I also knew when going into this makeover that I wanted raw and earthy woods - nothing polished.  With such rich colors, I wanted to downplay the rest of the furniture to keep the tone of the room from going into what I can only describe as "snobby".  Karl and I also both love the "industrial" look, so we're bringing in some natural metals.

It is time!

Mood board:

Key features:
- unrefined wood
- rich gemstone colors in sapphire and jade blues & emerald green (w/ perhaps bits of orange here & there), and keeping the dark colors balanced with additional whites thrown in
- metals of iron, gold and bronze

Key Feeling: natural, understated elegance

Except for a lack of accessories in the mood board to visually show more of the color play, we're pretty satisfied with how this looks.

We've also started assembling one piece of furniture to replicate the bookcase on the board.

He doesn't look like much now, but he'll be top-dog soon.  ;)

Dining Room To-Do List:

- replace dining room table (we have building plans here)
- remove piano
- "rustic-ify" bookcase
- find chairs (the ones we're currently using are borrowed)
- reupholster head-chairs (those are ours, so no hang-ups there)
- curtains
- get sideboard
- accessorize
- chandelier? (hmm, is it worth it in a rental?  probably only if we find a REAL bargain)
- framed art

First up will be the bookcase rehab, and then we'll play things by ear.  May the odds of staying in-budget be ever in our favor...


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