Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dining Room: Finished Painting! (Pt 5)

Two weeks ago we hosted a birthday party right after the dining room was painted...with the green tape still up.  Though it perhaps added a "festive" color to the room for the party, we left the tape up because we still had some touch-ups to do.  We figured it was a step up from our radtastic furniture-less party last winter, so we went with it and, go figure, no one cared or threw a tantrum at us.  We had to wait until the following weekend to do the touchups, so we lived with it for another week like the pic shows below.

We're awesome at getting things done.

showing that in real life, living for a week with green frog tape until we can finish a room is how we roll
But now, I'm happy to report the tape is gone! 

Quick look at the "before":

We have ourselves a whole new dining room!

Really opens up the room, right?  I love the way it looks against the white baseboards and trim.

Oh, but what's this?  A new piece?

Why yes, it is from Ikea.  But it won't look like it is when I'm done with it (mwhahaha).  I have plans for this guy.  You'll get a hint at what they are when I show you guys my mood board, which is in the wings waiting and to be out tomorrow!  I'm excited to get started!

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