Sunday, December 8, 2013

Living Room: The Skyline Settee

I had this settee in my cart this entire past week.  The entire.  I had read reviews, measured twice, looked up how to care for velvet....I had no more excuses.  I knew I was going to get it, but I wanted to be sure, y'know?  Let it sit awhile...  Procrastinate the inevitable spending of a good chunk of money...
Skyline velvet tufted settee in navy blue

We did get it for a great price ($365 total + free s/h.  For $1/day, in a year you can earn a seat for your tush), so as long as it lives up to our expectations of quality (a.k.a. it doesn't feel like it'll break when we sit on it), we're good as gold.

Initially we both loved and were considering this tufted settee (below) that's also by Skyline, but in the end we just couldn't overlook the price tag of $554+tax (our budget was $500).  Add to that some theorizing that it was too posh and the tufted seats would have been uncomfortable...not to mention we already have a linen-like sofa, so the velvet will add an extra texture to the room....ok, sold.
Skyline tufted settee in navy blue linen

The settee should be here sometime in January.  Looking forward to it!

Update: It has arrived!  See my review of the settee here.

p.s. - We picked up our living room rug last week!  It's been perfect during this recent drop in temperatures.

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