Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Guests of a Nation: Film Fest Tour

We're going on the road with Guests of a Nation this month!  (woohoo!)  For those of you who need to get up to speed, Guests is a 1920's period drama set in the midst of Ireland's War of Independence.  We filmed it last spring (see more about the making of it here and here), and finished it late last summer (see the premiere at the Trocadaro here).  Recently it has been accepted into 3 great film festivals to be shown this Spring: the Garden State Film Fest, West Chester Film Fest, and the Montclair Film Fest.

The Garden State FF was this past weekend, and as you can see by the single lonely pic I have from it above, that I forgot to take any pix until I was in my car and ready to go home.  ...Oops.

We had an audience of about 50 people who gave all the best reactions as they watched our film: they gasped at certain turn of events, were shocked into acute silence, and laughed at Donovan's description of Belcher and Hawkins.  I've probably seen the finished film at least ten times, and I just love how each time I find something new in it to admire, usually in the performance of our actors.  They are each so brilliant in their roles, and genuine, that I never find myself emotionally jaded despite the number of times I've seen the dramatic story unfold.  I know I've said this before, but I feel like I have to say thanks each time I see the film on the big screen because it hits me again how much I appreciate everyone that was involved in this, lol.  If any of our gentlemen actors happen to be reading this, thank you for pouring yourselves into these roles and this story like you did, cause it shows, and is felt by everyone who sees the film.  Same to all of our crew who dedicated themselves to the telling using their talents to breathe life into this film and make it so easy for the actors to fall into the time period and setting, and feeling assured that the sound quality and filming was in good hands.

Ok, nuff of the fluff.  :-P

After our film and two others were shown we stepped up front for the Q&A.  The audience asked the writer and I more about the film, such as how to get the copyrights to the story, what camera we filmed with (they were impressed at what the Canon 5D was capable of in low lighting), and how to do a historical film.  

...and then there was the time there was a near-fight instigated by a self-proclaimed peace-loving vegan filmmaker who said some pretty offensive things and an audience member that looked ready to deck him for it, but that's another story... (never a dull moment, right?)  Ah, film fests...

A few more of us will be traveling to the West Chester FF in about two weeks, and then the Montclair is the weekend after that (busy busy!).  I am really looking forward to the WCFF, seeing more familiar faces, and hopefully meeting some fun fellow filmmakers at it.  I'll be posting more pix (and maybe even a video) with the WCFF! 

p.s. - a little write-up for our film being shown at the Montclair FF for anyone interested  :)

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