Monday, February 10, 2014

Ice Storm, Subway, & a Challenge

Well, last week was an interesting one.

We had a snow storm with approx 8-10 inches, followed 36 hours later with a huge ice storm that knocked out our power for over 60+ hours.

Borrowing from my hubby's joke, this is basically what we got told every time we called our power company for an estimate of when we'd have power back:

We had a generator going for much of it so that we didn't lose any food in our fridge and we have gas heat and stove/oven, so all of the basics were thankfully covered.

There was a ton of damage done to the area - our backyard is still littered with fallen branches.

Also, I'm guessing most of you have heard by now about the plastic ingredient in the bread of Subway sandwiches?  This article explains it a bit more.  I'm glad that things like this are finally getting exposed and understood by "the masses".  There's so many toxic chemicals in any processed foods, even our produce, that it's no wonder we have the health problems we do as a nation.  It makes me more and more thankful that I have Celiacs.  Having it has made me more conscious of what I'm eating, and what I once thought was a disaster when it came to being able to eat out, it's articles like this that make me shut up that desire.   My Celiacs has prevented me from eating out in the last 7+ years except at places that use grass-fed beef and GMO-free, straight-from-local-farmers in-season produce (which are growing more prevalent in the last 3 years).  I haven't bought any pre-made GF foods such as breads in the past 2 years either because I noticed it was having effects on me.  I guess when you start purging, truly purging and going to pure scratch for all of your food, your body rejects anything with unnatural ingredients.  Kind of makes you realize how much you were making your body put up with crap all these years.

Here's a challenge: look-up all the ingredients and what they come from in all of the products you eat, lotions and makeup, shampoo, etc. you use in just one normal day.  I guarantee you it will drastically change the way you view your health and that of your family.  It will seem overwhelming at first about where to start.  But the first step is to take a step, however small it is.  Chisel things away, bit by bit.  It will take time (I've been at it for years and I'm still learning and chiseling).  But it is rewarding and so worth it.

Hit me up if you have questions.  I hadn't planned this, but I may just do some posts about some makeup and soaps, what's in them, and give some I've found that are good for you.  Alright, y'all convinced me.  Let's do that.  I'll do an entry by mid-week to follow up on this!

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