Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quick Tip Tuesday - Bedsheets

Hate folding laundry like I do?  This is a technique for organizing your bed sheets that I learned from Karl soon after we got married, and is something I wish I had known of sooner!

It happened one day as he was with me as I attempted the task of folding clean bed sheets to be put away.  I have trouble rolling sleeping bags, so you can imagine how much fun I have with huge sheets.  I can't remember the conversation verbatim, but this is close to how it went:

Karl: Why are you folding them?

D: Isn't that what you do?

K: You can just stuff all the sheets into one of the pillowcases.

D: ...*ponders for a moment* But wouldn't that make them all wrinkled?

K: They're bed sheets.  They get wrinkled anyway.

Touche.  Score one for the Kar-man.


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