Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Project Teaser

I know, it's been awhile, and my last project post was a teaser as well... (remember this pic below?)

In my defense, that other project was completed.  However, once we put it to use, we found a problem with it, and we have yet to fix it.  Anti-climatic, yes?  I still plan to show it as soon as it's fixed (pinky swear!).

The current project, therefore, has happened because of this lil beaute! (cel phone pic, sorry)

Via the wonderful Scruffy the truck, we picked up this buffet table for our dining room at an estate sale last weekend for exactly what I'd budgeted for ($75!).  It's a sturdy wood piece in great condition with no scratches or missing fixtures.  And just look at those sexy legs, eh?

It's hard to see in the pic above, but the wood is a dull honey-ish brown color, which is rather 'blah', and I knew the moment I saw it that this would be an awesome piece to paint.  I've been wanting to experiment with milk paint - more on that in another post - so here was my opportunity!  With a stroke of luck I bought Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint on a week with free shipping that brought it to me just in time to start on it this past weekend.

As expected, milk paint is unlike anything I've used before, but so far it looks like it's coming along ok.  I'm putting another coat or two on it Monday, a finish, and then the knobs, and that'll be it!  Crossing fingers for no problems!

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