Thursday, October 16, 2014

Queenstown Gray - Fifty-Cent Nightstand Makeover

When it has come to furnishing our house, our bedroom has been last on our list of rooms. We didn't have anything but our 2 dressers and mattress when we started our bedroom, however I found a random side table in the attic and brought it down to the bedroom the first day we moved. I got to be the one to use it while my patient hubby, Karl, has been using a tv table for his bedside table ever since.

It was a lovely piece. Ahem.

Then a little over a month ago I went to an estate auction and came away with a 50-cent solid wood bedside table. From the beginning I had plans to paint it, so recently during a random day off I got to work on it and start its transformation.

Here's the before:

I went again with milk paint, this time it was General Finishes in Queenstown Gray, a lovely blue-gray color which ended up perfectly matching our West Elm knockoff tufted headboard.

One thing I've been finding and liking about painting furniture is that you get to discover what works for the piece as you go. I had originally thought I'd paint the entire nightstand, but as I was painting the bottom half I was starting to think it looked pretty good leaving the top untouched. Calling Karl over, he verified that he liked it with the exposed wood top too, so we went with it.

The drawer pull fixture also needed updating (and to become a bit manlier), so earlier I'd hunted around Lowe's and Home Depot but couldn't find anything close to what I had in mind. In-between paint coats I did a search online and found exactly what I'd been looking for on Knobs-4-Less. Even better, it was on sale AND had free shipping with no minimum purchase amount required. Woot!

So all I paid for was the knob itself, which came to a whopping $2.30. It also shipped really fast, arriving the day after I ordered it (I definitely will be turning to them again for future projects!).

I'd completed the 2 coats of paint the day before the fixture arrived, so all I had to do when it came was screw it on and voila! Nightstand for hubby!

Here's the final cost breakdown:
- nightstand: $0.50
- fixture: $2.30
- paint used: $2

Total = $4.80!

A bedside table and makeover all for under $5! Not a bad deal. Now Karl has a sturdy table (with a drawer to boot!) that he can call his own.

(P.S. - That's 2 tv tables we've replaced in the past 2 weeks for a mere $18 total! We're on a roll!)

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