Monday, December 29, 2014

American Standard - Behind Scenes Filming & Premiere

I love being creative; I love making-over furniture and decorating, photography, and cooking and baking. But my true creative passion lies in making films. Of all the things I just listed, filmmaking is something that I can do a 12-hour day that comes with several last minute hiccups, paperwork, the threat of a dangerous storm, shivering and warding off frostbite in 10-degree Fahrenheit conditions all day, and calming several frustrated persons...and still love it (and yes, there have been filmmaking experiences like that, lol). This past weekend was a lot of fun as I got to reunite with the cast and crew at the premiere of a short film I worked on this past October, American Standard.

The story is about Edward Bracket, a man who wakes up one day and finds himself in a nursing home. After waiting years for his daughter to visit, he decides to escape.(see trailer below)

The movie is approx 20 minutes, and we filmed it all in only three days! Many props to the awesome cast/crew who made that kind of marathon possible and did such great work!

We got a full house at the theater premiere along with great feedback and compliments during the Q&A.

Director Justen Patrick Lander on left, Producer Santo Marabella on the right. Photo courtesy of the great Tillman Sims.

Had a lot of fun catching up and joking around with the crew at the historic Peanut Bar afterwards.

I'm very glad to have been a part of this film and crew and can't wait to work on future projects with everyone. Now onto the film festival circuit!

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