Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best of 2014 Projects Countdown

2014. So many things happened this year that made me grin from ear to ear, jaw drop, feel lost or old, or want to run for the hills. It was busy, and it was fantastic.

Moments I'll remember when I think back on 2014 will be things like, well...becoming a Mini owner. Seriously. Never dreamed I would be so lucky, especially after the scary way it came about. 

Then we made our families think we'd gone a bit crazy when we also got a pickup truck. Good 'ol Scruffy has been responsible for helping us furnish our place with estate sale wins - love the fella.

For the first time since our honeymoon, the hubster and I went on a cruise, just the two of us. It was glorious. I didn't get burnt to a crisp either (victory!).

...Summer evenings spent on the front porch together until dusk; reading, talking, dreaming, scheming, ...relaxing. 

Then there were awesome surprises, like when I did a few posts on a whim at a website I'd just heard about called Home Talk and had over 30,000 combined views on two different posts within 48 hours. Wowzerz. 

I took the plunge into painting furniture with milk paint. Now I want to refurbish everything.

Spent half the year burnt out from creating new GF recipes, then getting my groove back in the last quarter (even had what I consider to be my first successful T-giving since being diagnosed!).

Stayed over at my bro and sis-in-law's house 2x and explored their city. Watched my lil' sis graduate and get her own apartment and job. Cheering on my sis-in-law and her hubby as they cleared out a dumpster worth of stuff the previous owner of their home had left (you guys rocked that!). 

Experienced the wonder of eating tasty GF food at P.F. Changs (omgosh, can I get a "woot!" for their chocolate dome cake!?!)

Tried not to cry when my Mommom's huge Maple tree, full of many memories, was cut down this summer (and why didn't I think of this as they cut it down?! Boo).

Heard news of friends learning they were expecting and/or meeting their new kiddos.

Got to work on a short film and a series of commercials with some awesome peeps.

Spending time with old friends and gaining new ones.

Last but not least, we made an offer on a short sale (hopefully to become our home in 2015!).

Those and countless other things are what I'll remember most. Not so much the tufted headboard or anything I pinned on pinterest. this is a home DIY decor blog, let's go through the best and most popular posts of 2014.

(in no particular order...)

Obviously, I don't seem to be the only one who likes an affordable West Elm.

This buffet is my favorite furniture makeover of this year. It seems that he's such a charmer that y'all couldn't help yourselves and had to greet him too...

Apparently a lot of you like painted furniture. Which is why we're friends.

Because let's face it, cheap and easy is what makes the world go 'round.

How to Gold-Dip Furniture

Y'all must be getting as addicted to this gold-dipping stuff as I am. I'm ok with that. We'll call it "Midas Fever".

Can't wait to share 2015 with y'all! Happy New Year!

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