Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to Score the Best Junk Sales {Using Online Resources}

With the wishful promise of having Spring temperatures around the corner in April (March has been a tease with snow even a few days ago!), I'm sure I'm not the only one anticipating the promise of yardsales and flea markets in the coming months!

I'm a thrifting gal all-year round, but when warm weather comes and sales pop up, I kind of go hyper-thrifting; plotting out itineraries for moving sale hopping and negotiating for a bundle deal with sellers becomes my norm, not to mention I'm one of those people who come with a folding chair, snack, and umbrella at estate auctions...

Therefore, I'm kicking-off the upcoming season by sharing my go-to resources for finding the best yardsales and estate sales/auctions - let's get to it!

Online Resources for Scoring Awesome Stuff:

  • estatesales.net - one of my favorite sites! Great for finding local estate sales and auctions, as well as previewing what will be at the sale. You can search by state and city. What I really like is that you can sign up to have any local auction listings sent to your inbox so you can quickly see in a glance what is happening near you without repeatedly visiting the site.

  • auctionzip - this site allows you to search auctions and estate sales by zipcode and radius, and also gives the option of signing up for emails that list upcoming local sales.

  • gsalr.com - find the yardsales and estate sales happening in your area and have them visually mapped out for you. Many sellers will also include pictures of some of the items they'll have at the yardsale.

  • yardsales.net - another great site for checking out the local yardsales in your area (you can post your yardsale for free here too).

  • craigslist - an oldie but a goodie. If you have something specific in mind that you're looking for, this is an ideal place to keep an eye on.

  • Google your local auctioneers - find their upcoming auctions and mark them on your calendar. Many auctioneers will post pictures of all the items that will be for sale a day or sometimes a week in advance, so you can pick and choose which ones to attend.

  • american fleas - a good place to start for all of the flea markets in your state and towns.

Hope these prove to be good sources for y'all as well and aid in your strategy for getting some good scores this summer!

Any other sites or apps you'd recommend?

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