Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March Projects & De-Cluttering

Hi y'all! Are some of you experiencing warmer weather this week for the first time in months as I am? Especially after the crazy weather a bunch of us had last week, it feels amazing to be outside in the sun now! You know it's been cold when temperatures in the 40's feel balmy! I've even been able to crack my car windows down a bit now!

Other than reveling in the warmer temperatures, this month I've been painting a lot of pieces all at the same time again (oops). I'm putting the finishing touches on the dresser this week (see a sneak peek on my Instagram and follow for more "behind the scenes"), and I'm starting on a piece for my mom again.

Also in the works will be these side tables and mirror, still from the bedroom set I got from the estate auction.

All this to say that it's already a busy month of furniture painting! It does help to have these projects tho, lemme tell ya! We've been in limbo for the past 8 months while house hunting, in which I've been not buying any new decor for the house so that we don't have more to move with. It's been ...restrictive. Therefore, painting furniture this winter has helped me have something to be creative with, so I'm rather thankful for that!

Actually, instead of just putting a temporary stop to decorating the rest of the rooms in the house, we've been spending these last 8 months slowly de-cluttering, which has also been therapeutic - I love me some de-cluttering! When we first moved here 2 years ago, everything we didn't have an immediate place or use for or that we'd "get to later", wound up in our finished attic...and there it has all stayed since! Now that we're slowly sorting through our things in every room of the house, we've been tackling the attic as well and we're seeing improvements (and more floor space in the attic!) already. Lots of stuff has either gone in the trash, been donated, or sold. We're not completely done going through everything, but we're making headway and it makes us both happy to know that already we won't be taking as much unnecessary stuff to our new home and cluttering it from the get-go! (cheers for a fresh start!)

It stinks to be in limbo for this long, but we're starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Since the offer we made last Fall on a short sale fell through, we've been searching through the dead of winter which doesn't offer many homes on the market. So now that Spring is on its way more homes should be going up for sale soon! *crossing fingers*

Any advice for things to do that makes moving easier?

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