Monday, December 14, 2015

Exterminate! [Built-Ins Go Bye-Bye]

Yes fellow Doctor Who geeks, we went completely Dalek on our built-ins. (go here for "before" pix)

Cue the carnage:

Karl unbolting the pipe from the 100+ year-old floors

me, taking off the hinged radiator covers


the radiator is frreeeeeee!

Trust me when I say this: it looks SO. MUCH. BETTER.

The room feels much more open already. It's like the room can breathe again. 

I'm able to start picturing where I can place furniture and framed photos in this room now, and it's exciting.

However, before we can move on to decorating we have four layers of wallpaper to strip off the walls. 

Yes. Four.

It's on the ceiling too.

With the top layer of paper also painted over
by what we can only assume to be yours truly, 1990's owner.

Having only one mallet to share between us, I started stripping the wallpaper while Karl kicked in shelves. Some of the paper was dry and peeled away with my plastic scraper, other pieces were much more stuck and will need an 'intervention' to make them cut that bad habit.

Here's a list of what needs to be done in this room:

Dining Room:

  • take out shelving and radiator enclosure
  • take out wood border around ceiling
  • strip all 4 layers of wallpaper
  • get glue off plaster
  • repair plaster 
  • sand and refinish floors
  • strip paint off baseboards
  • patch baseboards
  • take wires out of baseboards
  • re-stain corner baseboards to match rest of room
  • paint walls
  • install crown moulding


This week I'm putting a tried & true wallpaper stripping method to the test. Wish me luck!

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