Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Two-Tone Grey Secretary Desk

Hello, peeps! Welcome to another episode of "painting furniture for my mom". ;-)

This vintage secretary desk used to be my grandmother's (or my Mommom as we called her) and now my mom has it in her guest room. The piece has something unique I haven't seen before with secretary desks; open side shelving. In fact I had always taken it to be a buffet table all this time!

Many years of use and this desk had special "history marks" all over. Lots of the surface was roughed-up with round-rimmed grooves from vases or flower pots and odd things stuck to it - our guess is the summer sun melted some items to it when it sat in their dining room.

(Sorry for bad cel pix in the next few "before" pix!)

Given its condition, my mom had covered it up with a bunch of decor until she could get around to refinishing it. I wish I'd thought to take a "before" picture of it to show just how much stuff she had on it! Just picture it with lots of candles, shells, beachy-looking decor, picture frames, and a lace overlay.

As I have been starting to paint furniture more in the last few months, my mom asked if I could give it the much-needed makeover it deserved.

...So, you know when you've been pining to do a certain paint color or design but haven't been able to find the proper piece for it? And then you come across a random piece and suddenly there's Morpheus whispering "this is the one"? And you're super siked?

That was this project!

When I came over to my folks house I started to inspect the desk, running my hand over its surface, pulling out drawers and scanning it over...

"Hmm, lots of this will need wood filler and hard-core sanding, but the drawer fronts are in great condition, and I love the existing stain color...." 

Suddenly my brain snapped into action and I knew this piece was begging to be two-toned, something I'd been wanting to do for a long time! *cue angel choir*. Mom got on-board with the idea and we got down to choosing a paint color for the rest of the desk.

Her guest room has a beachy-cottage feel with lots of blues and grays, so we decided to stay in that color scheme, choosing a light grey from General Finishes called Seagull Gray that would contrast well with the dark stain of the drawers.


...and a top coat was applied, we were left with this...!

LOVE how it turned out! 

Now guests will have a statement piece in their room when they come over, and mom doesn't have to hide every bit of surface with lace and nick-knacks. ;)

Do you have any projects you've been waiting to do with the right piece?

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Re-Shoot (Why NOT to Rush Photoshoots)

So between hoping that I'm not getting paint dust in my lungs from the dresser I'm currently sanding and painting indoors and house hunting, I've taken the opportunity to re-shoot my royal blue and gold dresser.

Yeah. Ever since posting those pix I've been cringing... I was in a rush the day I shot them, and have been waiting for the chance to redo them. Here's a sample of what they initially looked like:

...Not pretty. At. All.

Thus, last night I commandeered my hubby to helping me carry the blue dresser to a different room where I knew the lighting would be better and spent the better part of the night nursing my back with a heating pad as a result of lifting that heavy beast. (Dang I need to get in shape...)

I got to work this morning and took a slew of pix, one of which you can see below. If you'd like to see the rest from this newer shoot, you can find the post here.

Muchos better! Amazing how much lighting comes into play when doing photos! A room that gets soft, even light at some point of the day is a gem - use it!

Also, if you take away anything from this post, do take the time to get it right the first time!

Have a good weekend, y'all! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Next Project! Tall Dresser

Going down the assembly line of furniture I procured as a set last month at an estate auction, my next conquest is this handsome tall dresser!

I'm not keeping it as a set as far as colors go for these pieces, so no Coastal Blue for this guy. I'll leave the color as a surprise...

Also I'm attempting to use a glaze for the first time with him - we'll see how that goes. The glaze is GF's Van Dyke Brown, or as I like to call it, the Dick Van Dyke (teehee).

Between snowstorms and wickedly freezing temperatures this week, I'm hoping to get to my ma's house to take pix of another project that I just finished to show y'all. Keep an eye out!

Any projects you are working on this week?

p.s. - check out some awesome gold paint furniture makeovers at Better After. Lindsey was kind enough to feature my gold-dipped side tables in the collection, so pop on over and show she and the other features some love!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Royal Blue & Gold Dresser

Happy day! I get to finally show y'all the final look of the low dresser I've been working on since last month!

I bought this piece as part of a bedroom set at an estate auction and the very next day I came down with a bad case of the flu. Since then I've worked on it in stages whenever I got a block of a few hours these last few weeks while I've been playing catch-up with life. 

Here's a quick "before":

Painting phase: (getchur paint on, getchur paint on, get your pa, get your paint on!)

I used milk paint by General Finishes called Coastal Blue.

It has such a dimension of colors, and changes a little in different lighting - love it!

The color did cause me to pause though when I first opened the can. From what I'd seen of furniture makeovers online in Coastal Blue, I was expecting it to be an almost-black navy blue. However, it's not, and it's not a navy blue as my MMS Artissimo Blue buffet, but what I'd call a deep Royal Blue. Rather than being disappointed, I found it to be a pleasant surprise because the color is gorgeous!

I kept the original fixtures and used gold Rub 'N Buff on them, and lined the top drawers. This was also my first time using the GF topcoat. Even though GF's videos for applying the topcoat looked easy, I put off doing it a few extra days because I was afraid to try a new product I wasn't familiar with and inadvertently ruin my hard work (anyone else relate?).

Turns out it is ridiculously easy to apply and I love the finish it gives! (even better, it's something so mild that you can apply it indoors! Great for me right now because it's been in the blistering cold 20's Fahrenheit outdoors these last few weeks!)

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Have you ever had a paint color surprise with a project? Was it good or bad?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Running Amuck!

Hi y'all. How are you all doing this Monday? Though my lack of posts in the past week may look otherwise, I haven't abandoned y'all!

I've been crazy enough to take on several projects simultaneously and have been putting a ton of time into them. If you'd like to, follow me on Instagram and get a peek. I'm hoping by tomorrow or Wednesday to have one of them finished and get some beauty shots to share here on Draven Made. I can't wait to show you guys!

Till then, I'd love it if y'all would tag me in your Instagram posts (@dravenmade) and show me what you're all up to, whether that would be a cool thrift store find, a project, or life in general!

See you there, and I'll see you here for a project reveal in a day or two!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Beauty & the Beast Live-Action Dream Cast

Ok. Gotta say it.

Since Emma Watson announced she is playing Belle in the live-action Beauty and the Beast, I've become more interested in the movie. Emma is perfect for the role. Waaaay happy that they spared us from can-only-do-one-expression Kristen Stewart, who was also rumored for the part.

And I can't help but now make a wishlist for the Beast and Gaston. Just for fun.

Shall we?

Gaston needs someone who can pull off a character that we find fun to watch despite his narcissism. We need attitude, humor, handsome face and good build. Who's my choice?

Chris Pratt.

If you've seen Guardians, you know why he'd be able to slip right into this character and be just the antihero we hate to like. He'd flash his charming smile one second, and be gazing at himself in the mirror with admiration all while delivering his lines with a humorous attitude and ignorance with ease.

The Beast. We need someone who is intense, gruff, harsh, deliberate, yet can show a gentle and vulnerable side.

This one took a little more deliberation, and a tie.

Karl Urban

Chris Hemsworth

Both of these guys could bring the necessary personality to The Beast. It really is a toss-up.

Which of these two has your vote?

Any others you'd like to see considered for the parts?

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