Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowmageddon 2016 - First Blizzard in Our New (Old) Home

All last week we were hearing and seeing reports about an upcoming blizzard. I must admit, I didn't believe any of the forecasters when they said "this is the big one". Compared to a lot of other states, PA's local forecasters are notoriously terrible with predictions. I've seen these "monstrous storms" move to our south, dissipate completely, or turn from a predicted 20 inches into a small coating of 2-3 inches.

Well for once they were right. For once.

Friday night it started in a mild manner with a gentle snowfall that barely coated our yard. However, by the next morning we woke up to see a heavier downfall and about a foot of snow!

All through the day it kept going with the rate of snow falling picking up by the hour, not to mention the wind. We never lost our power, thank goodness.

By Sunday morning the snow had stopped and we had beautiful blue well as a little over 30 inches of snow!

It was wonderful to get outside - cabin fever was killing me! After a little while of playing it safe and sticking to where it'd been shoveled, I couldn't help diving into the waist deep snow. Not everyday one gets to do that after all!

Our cars had been nothing but snow mounds before digging them out, poor things.

Of course, some shots of our snow-laden home:

See how far up the windows the snow came from the porch roof?!

It feels like it may take till Spring for all of this snow to melt! I'm rather hoping this is our one and only storm for the winter and it just mellows from here on out. Fingers crossed and here's hoping!

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