Thursday, February 18, 2016

Living Room Design Inspiration - White Walls

In our ever ongoing grey-color painting failures in the living room (first purple, now blue), I've been going "back to the drawing board" and revisiting what I'm picturing for our living room. Ultimately, I've been drawn back to my Pinterest living room board, and as I've looked through what I pinned over the years, the stark truth is there:

White walls.

I like a white kitchen or bathroom, but from the beginning I've been resisting white walls for the living room. One, I had a white bedroom all during childhood and I got tired of it. Add in that I grew up near Lancaster county and white looks like a plain Amish or Mennonite house to me, it's a color I wanted to avoid to the ninth degree.

However, my subconscious seems to think otherwise, and perhaps even feel like white has some piece of familiarity to it as a result of my childhood room, because nearly all of my pinterest's living room board has...white-walled rooms.

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It's true that white is versatile, and you can add color, or in my case, still have "drama", warmth and interest to the room using curtains, rug, decor, and pillows. I think I wanted to try grey to add just a little bit of warmth to the room's overall color, but it seems not altogether out of the question that white can't do the same with the right accessories.

Maybe, juuuust maybe I'm starting to come around...

p.s. - I know Karl will be all too happy to paint it white - he's been mister "white paint advocate" for that room. Annnd he's got a German-Mennonite family background from a few generations back, so you could argue it's in his genes, hehe.

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