Monday, May 2, 2016

We've Been Keeping A Secret From Y'all...

You guys, with Spring now being in full swing I'm rather excited because a LOT of developments and planning is going on right now and some mega demo will be happening these next few months. Something tells me this summer is going to go by REALLY fast!

Some of you may have noticed that since refinishing our first story floors and tearing out the built-ins in the dining room at the end of 2015, progress slowed down over this past winter. Granted, winter does usually put a halt to some projects.

However, there's been another little reason...

...though the reason has been getting bigger...'s a hint:

Yup. We're having a kiddo! :) 

Thus, most of this winter was spent with me being nauseous and exhausted, and Karl spent a lot of it making me meals (because anything as simple as going into the kitchen and seeing dirty dishes in the sink or opening the fridge sent me gagging) and running errands on days I was particularly low on energy. 

Since the end of the first trimester I've been feeling MUCH more like my 'ol self and have much of my energy back. Man it's good to be back!

Then just this past weekend we found out the baby's gender and it's a...'lil girl!

It was fun telling family yesterday, and Karl has already been making some pretty cute comments about what it'll mean to have a girl. I know he'll be a good daddy and will be such a sweetie (and probably whipped too) around her. I'm looking forward to seeing him interact with her. ^_^

As for me, though I'm no girly-girl and have a firm "no pink or princess themes" stand (lol), I am starting to find certain frilly onesies to be cute and am so curious to know what physical and personality traits she'll have from each of us. The whole 2nd trimester she has been a super-active mover and kicker. Makes me wonder if she'll be running circles around us!

So there's our little secret now out in the open! We're excited for sure!

Baby girl is due Sept 2nd! With a little one on the way, this Spring/Summer is going to be jam-packed as we turn our attention to finishing our upstairs so that we can have a bedroom and nursery; as of now we're still sleeping on a mattress on the floor, our clothes closet is distributed between two other bedrooms, and the nursery is currently our storage room for all our stuff waiting to be moved into the finished bedrooms. Yikes.

I'll be laying out the plans we're plotting throughout this week for the master bedroom and nursery, which will include knocking down walls, tearing up old carpet, and all sorts of other dusty and fun things. ;) Stay tuned!  


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