Friday, August 12, 2016

Master Bedroom Renovation Challenge: Design Elements & Mood Board

So much change has happened in our master bedroom these last few months! We started with a medium-sized room with a built-in closet, orange walls, and old red carpeting.

It's been a few months of working nights and weekends, but now we have a fresh coat of white paint on the walls, dark hardwood floors, and no wall closet taking up space!

As of this week, baseboards are going into where the closet was, and posh gray curtains are hanging in the windows making the room feel so much more homey! Though I almost don't dare believe it, it's truly time to start furnishing and decorating!! Huzzah!

Master Bedroom: My Pinterest master bedroom board has been something I've had and added to for years, and my preferences haven't changed much over time. These following pix show a bit of what has caught my inspiration:

Definitely a trend of white or light-colored walls from what I collected!

Aesthetically we want calm, classic, and serene; a retreat with antique pieces and decor that is fitting for an early 1900's home. I'm also trying to keep things gender neutral - not too feminine or masculine but an attempt to balance both through monochrome gray and neutral colors, wood and nickel, and limiting textile patterns by having them only on smaller pieces - the bedspread and curtains will be textured but a single color.

Aside from a $0.50 nightstand I made over (and that I plan to now sell) and the high tufted headboard I made for $12, we never really furnished our bedroom in our former rental. Yup, we're starting from scratch with our bedroom! All we have is a metal bed frame and mattress. That's it!

Thus, I'm on the constant lookout for a nice wood headboard, highback chair, matching nightstands, old pictures and frames, etc., so it'll be awhile before my vision is realized. But hey, and this is the truth: a house should take awhile to decorate.

...Ok, watch out I'm getting on my soapbox now cause I have to say it: I know it goes against our "now" culture and the crazy fast makeovers we see on TV, but you'll appreciate the things you find more when you pick and choose carefully only what you love, especially if it has a story or significance to you. It also goes without saying since we're talking me here: taking your time helps you stay on budget. ;)

Master Closet: Here's the main "cue angel choir" aesthetics we're going for with the master closet, no mood board necessary:

Yarp. I doubt we have the space for an island dresser (though it'd be nice!), but the white walls and dark wood built-ins make us both get a bit starry-eyed. We're hoping to line up a woodworker we were recommended to by some friends, but first we are taking some time to live in the space and figure out what kind of functionality we want and draw up some plans.

So there y'all have it! Thoughts, questions, info of someone with a warehouse full of the stuff we'e looking for with great prices? Comment below and be sure to subscribe! :)

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