Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Project: Our Sinking Porch

Hi all!

Going by the title, you may be asking why we're starting another project when you have yet to see the finished master bedroom and closet.

You would be right to ask.

We did finish the principal parts of the bedroom and managed to move ourselves into it a mere 3 weeks before baby girl arrived, however since then life has been hectic and right now if I were to take pix, it would only look like a room a tornado hit.'ll be a bit yet before a "final reveal". Though it still won't really be final, as we've yet to secure furniture such as side tables, a headboard, etc...but you get the idea.

Now that it's already nearing the end of October and winter is just around the corner, we have turned our attention to our front porch. The footings in the middle and corner have both been in disrepair even before we bought the home, and it's sunk a lot more in the past year we've lived here (snowmageddon didn't help with that either). It's high time we fixed it!

...and as we discovered this past week when we opened it up to analyze the damage a bit closer, it's none too soon!

We took off the aluminum siding and chicken wire framing and found rotted wood.

Worse still, the corner pier is literally crumbling.

One of the main supporting beams is even resting on a part of the footing that's about to fall!

We need to jack the porch, add new footings, replace rotted beams, and fix the floorboards.


To work we go...

Monday, October 3, 2016

Simple Ideas for a Cozy Fall Decor Living Room

Can you believe it, folks?! Fall is officially upon us! ...which I’m excited about because it is hands-down my favorite season! Fall has the perfect-temperature weather, blue skies, colorful leaves, lots of Autumn festivals (and auctions, hehe)...not to mention my birthday is in the Fall! ;) Just as we're trading our blouses for woolen cardigans and flip flops for our leather boots, as the weather becomes cooler I am reaching for things in my home to cozy up to and that subtly reflect the change in seasons outside. Our living room is where my family and I spend a lot of our time, especially the evenings. To make it an extra lovely spot to gather together this Fall, there's some very simple and inexpensive home decor ideas I've pulled together as a mood board to cozy-up your home with pieces from Arhaus as my inspiration. Before we get to the décor, I want to first address something I call the “base” for your room and the difference between a room's base and decor. Base: all large furniture (sofa, rug, tables, bed, etc) Décor: easily replaced, smaller, and/or less expensive items (curtains, pillows, blankets, lamps, mirrors, wall art, etc) It's important to mentally separate your room's base from the décor when planning any room, especially as the base is the most important. When furnishing a room, use items that you love and are neutral in color; beige, gray, tan, or white is a great neutral base color. Big “base” pieces such as a sofa are expensive and therefore you want them to be flexible with changes in décor; a neutral color will ensure that your large pieces will last through at least a decade of style and home decor trends. (for some ideas to shop for, here's a page dedicated to neutral sofas) I've placed our existing sofa, rug, and coffee table, all neutral colors and a style I love, into the mood board and then branched off from there with Fall décor from Arhaus Furniture that can easily be switched out.

arhaus living rm mood board -2016.jpg
Source list: Arhaus drapery, lamp, fur throw, leather chair, pillow, candles, map wall art
In this season I'm immediately reaching for plush throw blankets and exchanging summer’s bright colored or white pillows for more thick and natural fabrics such as wools, leather, or fur. Curtains made of heavier fabrics such as velvet are hung to keep out the chill and give the room a layered and plush feel. With the shorter amount of daylight, extra attention is paid to indoor lighting's ability to set a mood in a room for the evening; besides a warm glow at night, table lamps that have crystals or glass bases are a great choice as they reflect light even on cloudy days. Last but not least, nature-inspired birch candles are a fun addition! Any other simple ideas for making a room feel cozy? Chime-in in the comments below! Be sure to subscribe as well!

Let Me Introduce Our New Family Member! (a.k.a. Why I've Been Absent)

Hi all! Unless you've been following me on Instagram, long time no see!

I have a good reason. ;)

Our healthy lil girl was born in our home a little over a month ago on August 30th, weighing 6 lbs. 5 oz, and as you can imagine life has been full of adjustments!

I want to write-up her whirlwind birth story for another post - hopefully I'll get the chance before she's a year old, hehe.

Slowly, veeery slowly we're resurfacing back into the public sphere, so I'll be blogging a bit again this month, including another post later today to welcome the Fall season in your home (where did September go?!).

I've missed y'all and am glad to be back! 

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